The story of a photographer

Fun Facts about Me

I love the beach, the salt water, the sea air and the sand between my toes!

My son Troy is one of my life's greatest achievements. He's amazing and I am not biased, at all.

Colourful food makes me very happy. Cooking is my other passion after Photography.

I love music. Not one particular genre... I'm happy listening to Folk, Indie, Reggae, Pop, Blues, R&B, World Music and even Classical or Opera. It just depends on how I feel. When having fun, I do gravitate towards 80's music, though. Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners is my theme song!

My husband has super powers... They include patience, folding clothes like a high-end department store, world's best hugs, world's funniest man when I'm feeling down, is able to make my "hare-brained schemes" a reality and makes me the world's best cup of tea every morning.

I love rainy days. According to the Collin's English Dictionary I am a Pluviophile (keep reading) - "a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days."

I'm Vegan. Not the "I can't believe it's not Lentils" kind of Vegan but I enjoy eating food that makes me feel good and is good for the planet.

Yoga makes me very happy - when I take the time to do it... Just the thought of Yoga makes me feel great, though

I used to be a Bellydancer.... It was a lot of fun and my costumes were amazing...!  


Jack + Jacinta

“"Kristen is not only an amazing photographer, but she is an absolutely beautiful soul. Thank you so much Kristen. Our engagement and wedding photos are so lovely. You are incredible x x"”

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